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Fabric expansion joints are very important for the right working of your plant and like all the other components, they are subjected to wear and tear and should therefore be checked periodically.

A regular monitoring is useful to understand if fabric expansion joints are without defects or if they have damages which could reduce their performance.

Talking about the performance of a fabric expansion joint is like talking about the efficiency of the entire system to which it is connected: it must be designed, manufactured and maintained to guarantee its performance over time in the mechanical resistance and the thermal reduction.

A damaged fabric expansion joint can cause important loss of load in the whole plant, it may not guarantee a proper thermal and acoustic abatement but, above all, it can be dangerous for the leakage of fluids at temperature.

It is important to notice in a short time any damage of the expansion joint, so that it is possible to try to solve the damage as soon as possible and avoid the total collapse (total and sudden rupture/tear), which could even cause the plant shut-down, with all the relevant economic and practical consequences.

How can you understand when it is time to replace a fabric expansion joint?

The first thing to do, to avoid bad surprises, is to entrust the production and installation of your expansion joints to a serious and reliable company.

With a good starting point you can be sure that the expansion joint will last longer.

However, in order to know when it’s time to replace a fabric expansion joint, you should periodically check for signs of wear, such as:

  • tears or holes;
  • portions of worn fabric;
  • colour changes;
  • exfoliation of the outer surface;
  • any leakage;
  • excessive condensation.

If the first visual inspection reveals any of these problems, then it is time to inform a maintenance engineer and take action.

Fabric expansion joints should be replaced or repaired when the first signs of wear appear.

This is very important because fabric expansion joints not only ensure the correct operation of the plant, but  they are responsible for the safety of workers, they prevent the escape of fluids during the production process and also protect the surrounding environment.

Obviously, a “do-it-yourself” visual inspection is not enough to give you a maximum guarantee of the fabric expansion joint durability.

You will need to submit your plant to an accurate and scheduled analysis at regular intervals.

If you want to have the peace of mind that you are doing your job properly, have a complete check-up carried out periodically by an experienced maintenance technician!

A thermographic analysis is important to understand whether your system is working properly.

The best would be to plan the maintenance interventions , so that damage can be prevented and you can always be sure to intervene promptly at the first signs of danger of rupture and sudden failure.

Do you want to have the security of a system always efficient?

New Componit offers a repair and maintenance service that helps you to avoid expensive block of your plant.

Rely on an experienced and qualified company: we at New Componit have been operating for 30 years in the production of fabric expansion joints, protections and custom-made items for industrial plants.

In addition, we have developed the Efficiency Box® program, which offers you a customized analysis of your plant and constant support from our highly qualified technicians:

  • Efficiency test
  • Dedicated and skilled team
  • Assistance and regular checks
  • Certifications and guarantees

  Choose the best for your installation:

              find out more about our custom-made Efficiency Box® program.


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Luca Mattioli
Sales Engineer

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