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Can the insulation of a simple valve, in your industrial plant, save simultaneously energy, money and reduce CO2 emissions?




The answer is obviously “yes’, of course it can”… just imagine that, by insulating a single industrial valve (currently not insulated), in one year, we would save the energy needed to drive a Tesla model S for more than 20000 km. Rather impressive, isn’t it?

The information is real and comes from a 2020 official study drawn up by Eiif ( European Industrial Insulation Foundation).

Furthermore in Italy the potential savings, coming from the insulation, would be equal to the annual energy consumption of more than 1 million of houses or 2,1 millions of cars, based on the national average energy consumption.

At the European level, the potential savings coming from the only industrial insulation are equivalent to the annual energy consumption of over 10 millions of houses or 20 millions of cars.


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