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Textile expansion joints play a very important role in the proper working of your system, as they compensate for the expansion and lessen the vibrations.

For this reason, it is necessary to check accurately and regularly the ducts. Tears, wear and other problems of expansion joints can seriously affect the performance of the whole system, which is why it is essential to carry out a quality check at regular intervals.

We periodically study the type of problems found, their position and size, to finally assess which ones are acceptable and which ones must be eliminated and repaired promptly.

Thermographic  Analysis (a control defined as “non-destructive”, much more advantageous than other invasive procedures) is increasingly used to determine the state of joints, since:

  • it does not modify the expansion joint;
  • it does not require the removal of the expansion joint but can be carried out on site;
  • it can be carried out on all expansion joints in the plant and not on spot checks;
  • it is carried out while the plant is in operation, without having to stop the production.

It is clear that this type of analysis provides advantages that mean significant cost savings. Maintenance is quicker and easier, there are no production stops or unproductive downtime, no need to dismantle parts of the plant and no new welding is required.

Why carry out a thermographic analysis to check your system?

A single failure can be enough for the interruption of the whole department, which can cause disruption and costs for lack of production .

The possibility of avoiding machine downtimes, necessary to replace damaged parts, is certainly one of the most important advantages of preventive qualitative analysis, which allows you to identify any damage and wear to the system at an early stage, taking action before the consequences become important.

Thermographic  Analysis helps you in this way: it is a particular method in which heat detection devices are used to measure the variation of temperature in the different sections of the system.

At New Componit we often use Thermography, a remote sensing technique that allows images to be acquired in the infrared field. In practice, through the use of a thermal camera we are able to convert the energy emitted into a video signal, “mapping” the data that we then go on to analyze in detail.

Thermal analysis allows a quality leap in preventive maintenance because:

  • It is a non-invasive technique, thanks to which measurements can be taken even repeatedly over time, without damaging the joint;
  • It helps to accurately detect any thermal variations before they become critical;
  • It offers the possibility of carrying out targeted and preventive maintenance works, reducing the costs;
  • Avoids disastrous consequences such as sudden system stops or fires;
  • It is carried out while the plant is in operation and therefore does not require machine downtime and production stoppage.

Focusing on prevention and safety can also lead to savings

To carry out a thermographic analysis on your plant means immediately improving the performance of the entire company: in fact, by identifying any anomalies in advance, you have the possibility of intervening before irreparable damage occurs.

When an expansion joint does not work, there is the possibility of failures which not only jeopardize the outcome of production, but also the health of workers.

Thanks to a preventive check, it is possible to avoid sudden plant stoppages and also to schedule maintenance and replacement of expansion joints, avoiding expensive interruptions in the production cycle.

If you are looking for a serious and reliable company to which you can turn for a check-up of your plant, New Componit is for you!

We offer you much more than just a thermal analysis: we have developed a quality control test with our Efficiency Box® to assess in real time and in detail any critical points in the system.

But that’s not all: Efficiency Box® is a complete program offering solutions, guarantees and constant support from a team of experts.

Efficiency Box® consists of:

  1. Monitoring of the system in operation, carried out directly by a New Componit specialist consultant.
  2. Designing and delivering the required interventions with simple but technologically advanced solutions.
  3. Installation by New Componit personnel or assembly supervision on site.
  4. Direct assistance and prompt intervention with a dedicated toll-free number (international).
  5. Immediate return and quick replacement within 7 days of delivery in case of defects.
  6. Annual post-sales check-up to verify the condition of the product and its operation.
  7. Warranty extension to 4 years if expansion joint is assembled by New Componit staff.

Don’t wait too long and prevent any problems: put your trust in safe hands and avoid sudden plant downtime!

Get in touch with us now and book a free check-up with Efficiency Box®.


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Luca Mattioli
Sales Engineer

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