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The scheduled maintenance of fabric expansion joints has to play an important role in the proper management of production.

Some companies consider the periodic maintenance as a waste of time and money, thinking that it is enough to intervene only when a problem arises.

Skipping the periodic maintenance hoping to save money can be a dangerous mistake, which could cost a sudden stop of the activity and a consequent damage to production, with all the problems that this situation would cause: delays in delivery, product batches to rebuild, equipment to rebuild, etc.

In short , scheduling a periodic maintenance is the first step not to fall into a serious loss of time and an unexpected economic waste which would be difficult to recover.

Is it convenient to plan a periodic maintenance of fabric expansion joints?

Like all other machine components, also fabric expansion joints are subjected to wear and tear, in particular in extreme working conditions.

Not all textile expansion joints are the same, so their working life cannot be predicted exactly.

However, they should not be underestimated, as they play a decisive role in the good operation of the whole system.

The failure of a fabric expansion joint can have even worse consequences than those we have seen so far.

A sudden accident not only causes damages to production, it can also cause an accident to the workers, endangering their health and causing a host of legal (as well as moral) problems for the company.

Is it really worth risking all this?

On the other hand, a regular check helps to identify all the problems – even the smallest ones – so that they can be dealt with immediately.

Fabric expansion joints have to be replaced or repaired at the first sign of wear.

This why a check-up or a thermographic analysis of expansion joints is important to see if the whole system, where they are installed, is working at the correct temperature.

By scheduling preventive maintenance and respecting the timetable, you do all the necessary to ensure the efficiency of your system and protect the environment and the safety of workers.

How to schedule maintenance of fabric expansion joints?

The preventive maintenance plan must be prepared annually by the maintenance manager in cooperation with the company that has been entrusted with the checks.

The timetable and the type of analysis to be carried out will be defined by technical experts according to the needs of the plant and the working conditions of the expansion joint.

This is why it is important to always entrust periodic inspections to skilled and experienced technicians

In any case, it is also essential to train and raise the awareness of the personnel, so that they are able to check constantly the condition of the expansion joints and request, if necessary, an extraordinary check by specialized maintenance staff.

Finally, remember to record, in a maintenance data sheet, all the maintenance activities carried out, whether ordinary or extraordinary, preventive or corrective.

The aim is to keep a record of the control interventions, so that they are always clear and well defined.

Are you looking for a company specialized in the maintenance of fabric expansion joints?

New Componit offers you a repair and maintenance service that helps you to avoid expensive stop in the production of your plant.

For 30 years we have worked in the production of fabric expansion joints, protections and custom-made products for industrial plants.

Our experienced technicians use a unique and complete analysis method: Efficiency Box® , which guarantees a detailed assessment of your plant and offers you the best custom-made solution.

New Componit also ensures :

  • Efficiency tests
  • A dedicated and skilled team
  • Assistance and periodic checks
  • Certifications and guarantees

Entrust your plant to real specialists!

 Find out more about our custom-made Efficiency Box® plan.


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