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The reduction of heat loss leads to inevitable energy savings and, before designing an insulation solution, it is normal to wonder how much it is worthwhile to perform thermal insulation and how to achieve it, in relation to a possible return on investment, future gain and optimization of the plant

Therefore, limiting the heat loss of a system does not mean only obtaining savings directly proportional to the energy that is not lost: it also means increasing the performance of the whole system, improving the final result.

How to choose the most convenient insulation?

If you choose the traditional fixed insulation, you have to take into account that, during the maintenance step, the insulation must be completely dismantled.

Therefore, if after the inspection you have to put again the coating, some parts will certainly need to be replaced and this means extra costs.

Furthermore, there is always the risk that a fixed insulation dismantled and then reapplied will not be as efficient and functional as it was at the beginning.

To keep optimal the thermal insulation, a valid alternative for parts such as valves, filters, flanged couplings, small sections of pipe and heat pumps could be a removable fabric insulation.

This solution allows you to carry on all the necessary maintenance, because it can be easily removed and reapplied, without  changing its performance.

By choosing removable insulating jackets, you will not have to incur extra costs after each inspection. There will therefore be direct savings and a greater guarantee of thermal insulation over time.

However before choosing a thermal insulation solution rather than another, it is necessary to dwell on a further fundamental consideration:

How much do you save ?

To calculate the energy savings over time, mathematical formulas are used, they take into account multiple parameters, even if, in general, it can be said that the better isolated the system is, the lower the energy expenditure will be.

Economic savings will therefore be linked to factors such as :

  • Thermal performance of the insulation;
  • DT of system;
  • Surface area that will be isolated.
  • Type of circulating fluid and its emission coefficient
  • System operating time taken into consideration
  • Energy cost

Taking into account all the points above, you can make an estimate of the actual savings.

To make such a calculation, the best way is to contact an expert specialized in insulation, who will be able to solve any doubts by providing you  with custom-made advice.

New Componit: the specialist in removable insulation

If you are looking for expert and prepared people, who can find the best solution for your system, we can help you!

We are oriented towards innovation, but we have over 35 years of experience in the most advanced solutions for industrial protection and insulation systems.

Our insulation removable jackets are the best alternative to traditional insulation, to guarantee optimization and long life to your systems.

Before designing a custom-made proposal, we carry out an analysis of the situation and study the most effective solution to increase the performance of your system.

This is possible thanks to Efficiency Box® our special program, which offers a series of services designed to meet any type of need in order to make more efficient and safer the production systems of all our customers.

Efficiency Box® includes:

  1. Plant monitoring,carried out directly by a NEW COMPONIT skilled technician.
  2. Design and supply of simple but technologically advanced solutions.
  3. Installationby New Componit staff or supervision on site.
  4. Direct assistance and prompt intervention by freephone number
  5. Warranty extension to 4 years,  if the removable insulation has been assembled by NEW COMPONIT staff.

Do you want to know something more about Efficiency Box®?

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